Trademarks "Gorianka" and "Dari Karpat" - it is not only tasty and high-quality butter-fat and cheese products, it is a union of people who do their work qualitatively and with love every day. People who strive for development and improvement in everything, beginning from production, delivery, sales and end-to-end customer feedback.

Your opinion is important to us,

because we work for you!

     We want every yours morning to start with a sandwich with our butter and cheese "Gorianka" or "Dari Karpat"
would have been filled with a taste of childhood, and would charge in a good mood for the whole day.


We want every dish with our products to have a unique taste and aroma natural butter or cheese whether porridge, sandwiches or pizza. We want you to make your pastry every time "as needed" , that it was gentle, airy, blush and
would always be pleasing to you and your loved ones.


Thank you for choosing us!

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     When you buy food for your loved ones and relatives,
your criterion of choice is, above all, quality and naturalness.

      Production capacities of TM «Gorianka» are located among the picturesque Carpathians, whose nature is famous for its environmentally friendly region and fresh and mountain air. This ensures the production of products, and which fully meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Therefore, choosing our products, you take care of the healthy nutrition of the whole family.

      The milk comes from the latest technology, which is a guarantee of preservation of the primacy of taste.

Our quality control department ensures strict control at all stages of production.

The employees of our company are real professionals of their business, which transfer technologies from generation to generation, preserving authentic traditions and multiplying experience.

It was important for us to create a good taste of products familiar to us from childhood, and we managed to do it, due to the observance of all requirements of the National Standards of Ukraine.

This is a guarantee of your confidence in the stable high quality of our products.

Address of production capacities

of oil and fat products:

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Tysmenitsky district, village of Dragomirchany, st. Peace, 66

Hotline: 0800 502 014;     tel. 068 346 82 71


Address of production capacities of milk processing

and production cheese products:

Ukraine, Khmelnitsky Region, Kamyanets-Podilskyi District, Village Of Kamianka, St. School, 43B

tel. 068  870 07 56



Ivano-Frankivsk, st. Polʹovaya 14

 (0342) 72 16 48 , +38 050 375 08 88, +38 067 341 11 40



Kyiv, Radishchev's lane, 3

office tel. 067 384 23 58



Lviv, st. Plastovaya, 7 

tel. 067 878 58 78, 097 955 22 90